Longvu LaManchas Milking Does

    We maintain a small dairy herd of 6 to 8 milkers throughout most of the year.  Spring is a peak season with new milkers freshening out and many kids to feed, so we may carry 12 or more milkers up to early summer.  The does outlined below represents current the milking herd and show string.  We feed a good second cut grass or alfalfa mix through most of the year, supplimented by a 16% protein sweet feed, free choice minerals, and baking soda. 

CH Longvu Bx Kiwi Mango iFruity

L1441354                DOB:    3/30/08
LA (2-05) 87 +V+E

S:    *B Brookwood Bastille's XHTML
        SS: *B Elm Glen Bastille
        SD: SGCH Lucky*Star's H Java

D:    CH Longvu X Pineapple Upside Down

        DS: *B Longvu L*P Onyx Obsession
        DD:  SGCH Fieldstone Twist of Honey

There is more than just a comic strip parody of greatness here.  Kiwi has a beautiful mammary system with a smooth fore, well placed teats, and incredible texture.  She has a wonderful wide flat rump.  Kiwi is sharp and clean throughout.  She finished as a two-year old second freshener at the first show of the season, having collected two legs as a yearling milker.  Kiwi has passed along her genetics well, producing very beautiful kids in Margarita Visions, Apple of Eden, Cherry Cherry, and Pixilated Pluot.  Kiwi placed 20th in the three year old class at the 2011 Nationals in Springfield, MA.

CH Longvu G Margarita Visions

L1483326           DOB:  5/6/09
YSA: (1-03) V  +VV

S:    *B Longvu Mac Spirit Guide
        SS: ++*B Winterwood's The Medicine Man
        SD: SGCH Fieldstone Twist of Honey 3*M

D:    Longvu Bx Kiwi Mango iFruity
        DS: *B Brookwood Bastille XHTML
        DD: CH Longvu X Pineapple Upsidedown

You don't need to down too many Margaritas to see the beauty in this doe.  Margie is a real sweetheart.  She is long and angular with sharp withers, long lean neck, and a flat, wide rump.  She stands on great feet and legs with good natural width in the rear stance showing off a high, wide rear udder attachment. Combined with a very smooth fore udder and obvious capacity, she easily earns highest praise for her mammary system.  Margie also has a really pretty face to go along with the rest of her.  In her first show out as a milker, Margie was BDIS at the NHDGA Spring Show in New Boston, NH, making it two years in a row with that distinction.  Margie placed 14th in the two-year old class at the 2011 ADGA National Show.

CH Longvu G Cherry Sherry

L1558298                  DOB: 3/21/11

S:   *B Longvu Mac Spirit Guide
D:   CH Longvu Bx Kiwi Mango iFruity

Sherry is a beautiful doe, very smoothly blended with excellent feet and legs.  We are expecting her to follow in her older sister's (Margarita Visions) footprints.  Sherry is another excellent example of Omie's genetics coming through: long bodied, smoothly blended, and dairy.  Sherry finished her permanent championship against strong competition as a two year old second freshener. 

Sherry's littermate sister was the 2011 National Show LaMancha Raffle kid.

CH Longvu DM Purple Haze

L1558299                  DOB: 3/29/11

S:   *B Dalton's Way TM Maverick
D:   Longvu Bx #000000 Magic Woman

This wild color pattern can only have been predicted while on an acid trip.  Beyond the wild spots and patterning though is a very well put together kid.  Strong on feet and legs, long and level across the rump, high wide escutcheon, and excellent width throughout are the first things on the list of excellent attributes.  Combined with sharpness of withers and a long lean neck, and she was an easy choice for retaining in the herd.  Haze placed 23rd in the intermediate kid class at the 2011 Nationals and earned a Best-in-Show win at the Cumberland Fair in 2012.  She was milked through in 2013, demonstrating a strong disposition towards productivity.

Longvu DM Dulce De Tequila

L1591415                  DOB: 4/1/12

S:   *B Dalton's Way TM Maverick
D:   CH Longvu G Margarita Visions

Better than a double shot!  A very pretty first freshener with a well attached mammary held high and tight to the body, Tequila stands on correct feet and legs and shows the length of body, width and strength we expect from a quality first freshener.  She has excellent dairy strength and a flat, wide rump.  We will be looking forward to seeing Tequila freshening again and following in her dam's footsteps.


Moon Mist LaManchas

Moon Mist is Bethany Parker's herd of LaManchas that coexist with the Longvu herd.  With it's start from Longvu breeding stock, Bethany has maintained only a few animals which are very competitive in the show ring and very productive in the milk parlor.

CH Longvu L*P Bella Canta

L1297158         DOB: 4/17/2004

Sire:  +*B Lucky*Star's QM Paragon
Dam:  SGCH Longvu FB Pretty Little Ditty

Ella is a very solid doe with an exceptionally well attached and well extended mammary system.  It is full and smooth in the fore udder and high and tight in the rear, with an exceptionally wide arch.  The side atttachments and strong meidal hold Ella's long udder very securely to her body.  Her teat placement is ideal with excellently shaped and sized teats.

Karen Senn once remarked that her mammary was near perfect when she selected Ella as the BOB at a LaMancha specialty.  All of the Moon Mist animals are out of Ella's line.

Moon Mist Bx Sansa Dance

L1514925      DOB:  4/13/2010

Sire:    *B Brookwood Bastille's XHTML
Dam:   CH Longvu L*P Bella Canta

Bethany was doing a quick two-step when Ella gave birth to twins in 2010.  They showed so much promise that they were both retained.  Sansa is very diary with a long lean neck and wide set ribbing.  She stands on very strong feet and legs and has a mammary system much like her dam's. 

Moon Mist Bx Handheld Victrola

L1514924      DOB:  4/13/2010

*B Brookwood Bastille's XHTML
Dam:   CH Longvu L*P Bella Canta

Where Sansa took after her dam, Vola reminds us much of her sire.  Strong, long bodied, and wide throughout, she makes a striking figure in the show ring.  Her mammary is very well attached and she milks like a dream with excellent texture.  Her teats are on the bulbous side, which detracts from the overall mammary appearance, but she makes up for it in so many other areas. 

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