Longvu LaManchas: Reference Animals

Below are animals that have made a profound impact on our herd, but are no longer with us.  We provide this for those interested in the animals and lines behind our current does.

SGCH Fieldstone Twist of Honey 3*MFieldstone Twist of Honey Pic

L100567                        DOB:    5/10/96
LA:  (7-03)  90  EEEE
DHIR: (2-10)  305  2803  4.1%  3.0%

S:  ++*B Winterwood's D Tornado

D:  GCH Fieldstone CYT Honey Bear 2*M

Twist was our first milking doe and quickly became a favorite, not just because of her excellent show record (six times Best in Show, twice Best Udder in Show, numerous BOB placings) or her abundant milk production, but her wonderful personality.  Strong and dairy, she stood on very good feet and legs, exhibited excellent depth of body and heart, and had an excellent mammary system.  Twist gave us our first AI doe kid, our first Best in Show win, our first AI buck retained, and our taste for dairy goats that spurred us to where we are today.  Sadly, she died within hours of giving birth at nine years old, leaving us with her last legacy: twin bucks out of an AI to ++*B Winterwood's The Medicine Man.  Stingy with the doe kids, her impact has been introduced to the other lines through her correct and stylish buck offspring.

SGCH Drucken-Hanks WL Sonata 1*MSonata pic

L1110860                            DOB:    3/14/99
LA: (3-02)  89  VEEE
DHIR:  2-11   276  2290  3.9%  3.5%

S: *B Altrece White Lightning

D:  Drucken-Hanks DM Talon

"Sonni" came to us from Bill Hanks.  After our first year breeding left us with only one doe kid, I surfed looking for quality animals that would bring in similar lines and the needed attributes that we wanted to breed into our herd.  Bill came through for us with this wonderful doe.  As a kid, she was correct and stylish.  As a milker, she produced both in the show ring and in the milk room.  Very similar in type to Twist, we lost her way too soon when after two years of really tough kidding, she was put down.  Her offspring now account for more than half the active show herd and the consistency of this line to reproduce itself has been remarkable.

GCH Fieldstone WT Mandarin Breeze 1*MMandy 4-yo picture

L1075442                    DOB:    2/19/98
LA:  (5-06)  89 EEVV
DHIR: (1-01)   305  2246  3.1%  2.9%

S:  ++*B Winterwood's D Tornado
    SS: ++*B Companeros Pierre Dividend
    SD:  GCH Winterwood's L Wildwind
D:  Fieldstone Cal Clementine
    DS:  ++*B Sundew NP Caliente
    DD:  GCH Fieldstone Apricot Sea Mist

Another of our foundation does, Mandy is a solid performer.  She has consistently produced well over 2000 lbs/lactation, starting as a milking yearling.  Not as stylish or flashy as Gale, she has a lot of strength and substance to augment a very good mammary system.  While not overwelming us with doe kids, those that she has produced are very strong and correct.

*B Lucky*Star's QM ParagonParagon pic

L1184930                            DOB:    2/1/01
LA: (2-06)  89 VEV

S: ++*B Quixote Jo's Monet
D: SGCH Lucky*Star's F Krystal

Paragon was a beautiful buck, sweet tempered and correct.  He brought in strong feet and a square rear leg set along with extraordinary udder texture.  All of his milking daughters had the softest, most collapsable udders I have ever milked.  We lost him during a particularly bad cold snap one winter, but his daughters have made the herd more consistent in style and structure.  He has two permanent champion daughters and one with two legs.  His contributions continue in his daughters and an exceptional son, Longvu L*P Onyx Obsession.


CH Longvu X Pineapple Upside Down

L1343356            DOB:    3/22/05
LA (2-04) 84 ++VE
      (5-05) 82 AV+V

S:    *B Longvu L*P Onyx Obsession (LA 7-03 91 EEE)
        SS: +*B Lucky*Star's QM Paragon
        SD: SGCH Fieldstone Twist of Honey

D:    GCH Fieldstone WT Mandarin Breeze 1*M  (5-06 89 VEEE)
        DS: ++*B Winterwood's D Tornado
        DD:  Fieldstone Cal Clementine

"Upsie" is strong on her feet and legs with good length of body and excellent width throughout.  She freshened with a very high, tight udder featuring a smooth fore, great area of attachment and properly placed teats.  She has filled out nicely as she has matured and sports a very capacious and well attached mammary system.


*B Brookwood's Bastille XHTML

  L1432419                       DOB:  3/28/07
LA  3-07  87  VEE

    S:    *B Elm-Glen Bastille  (LA 3-03 92 EEE)

            SS:    Elm*Glen War Emblem

            SD:    Elm-Glen Bruno Betty

    D:  GCH Lucky*Star's H Java  (LA 8-04 92 EEEE)

            DS:    ++*B Windysprings Highpoint

            DD:    GCH Lucky*Star's C Fanciful

I had long admired the pictures of Java and had heard many good things about her.  She has so many good qualities, and is particularly strong in areas that we seek improvement.  So, when Pete Snyder let it be known that a buck was available, I did very quick research on his sire and then committed.  He brings in some of the strong genetics from Lucky*Star and Elm-Glen.  Specifically,
"Timmy" has added greater width and flatness of rump, longer bone patterns, and just a beautiful rear leg stance with width and height in the escutcheon.

Timmy's daughters have demonstrated their correctness with some great acheivements:  Kiwi Mango iFruity earned her permanent champion status as a second freshening two-year old, Magic Woman was the 1st place Jr yearling at the 2010 ADGA National Show in Louisville, Moon Mist BX Sansa Dance won her dry leg and was Best in Show at the Farmington Fair show in Maine.

CH Longvu G Vipasanna Meditation

L1367598                DOB:    2/28/06
LA (1-05) 87 VE+E
      (4-06) 90 VEVE

S:    *B Longvu Mac Spirit Guide
        SS: ++*B Winterwood's The Medicine Man
        SD:  SGCH Fieldstone Twist of Honey

D:    SGCH Longvu L*P Perfect Harmony 3*M 
        DS: +*B Lucky*Star's QM Paragon
        DD:  SGCH Longvu FB Pretty Little Ditty

You can easily see the inner peace in this doe.  "Vipa" demonstrates the best qualities of her dam and brings in the improvements we hoped to see from her sire.  She is longer in bone with straighter front legs than her dam, and demonstrates the same sharpness, angularity, and width from Harmony.  She then freshened with a beautifully stapled on udder, featuring plumb teats, an excellent medial
, and exceptional fore and rear attachments.  Vipa finished the show season with two straight Best-in-Show ribbons at two of the largest shows we had attended last year.  This year, Vipa was the 12th place 4 year old at the 2010 ADGA Nationals.

Unfortunately, Vipa aborted and didn't come into milk this year, so she will be sidelined for the 2011 National Show and the 2011 show season. 

SGCH Longvu FB Pretty Little Ditty 2*M

L1162197                DOB:    6/3/00
LA (7-01) 91  EEEE

S:    +*B Fieldstone WT Blizzard  (LA 4-03 90 EVE)
        SS:  ++*B Winterwood's D Tornado
        SD: GCH Fieldstone CYT Sachet

D:    SGCH Drucken-Hanks WL Sonata  (LA 3-02 89 VEEE)
        DS:  *B Altrece White Lightning
        DD: Drucken-Hanks DM Talon

This little ditty has developed into a full fledged aria.  At 12 years old, "Liddy" is still going strong on great feet and legs.  She has a level top line and rump and shows a lot of strength and dairyness.  While her mammary system is starting to show signs of 11 lactations with 7 of them well above 2000 lbs, she is still competetive in the show ring.  Her daughters always carry the same great general appearance traits and productivity.  Her appraisal at age 7 certainly reflects the longevity of excellence in this line. 

CH Longvu Bx Lotus 1-2-3

L1483326           DOB:  3/25/09
LA (1-05) 85 V+VE

S:    *B Brookwood Bastille XHTML
        SS: *B Elm Glen Bastille
        SD: SGCH Lucky*Star's H Java

D:    CH Longvu G Vipasanna Meditation
         DS:  *B Longvu Mac Spirit Guide
         DD:  SGCH Longvu L*P Perfect Harmony

Like the spreadsheet software, this doe adds it all together into a wonderful package.  Lotus has a long, wide flat rump with a wide high rear attachment.  She is long bodied with sharp withers and a long lean neck.  She is very correct on her rear legs and has a great front end.  She is deep in the heart with a nice width in the front.  Her mammary system is well attached, with an excellent area of attachment, with excellent productivity.  Lotus placed 14th as a yearling milker at the 2010 ADGA Nationals in Louisville, KY and 11th as a two year old at the 2011 ADGA Nationals in Springfield, MA.

*B Dalton's Way TM Maverick

L1469085            DOB: 1/31/09
LA 1-08  87  V+V

S:    South-Fork TTN Trademark  (LA  5-01 91 EEE)
        SS:   South-Fork SC Titan
        SD:   South-Fork Taipei Terra
D:   SGCH Candlelight TG Magic  (LA 91 VEEE)
        DS:   Ryan's Ridge LSR Taygan
        DD:   Candlelight RRN My Sin

Maverick is an absolutely beautiful buck.  His correctness in form is accented by his excellent feet and rear leg set; wide, flat rump; and sharpness of withers and front end.  His pedigree brings in several of the lines that we have bred on, along with some other very impressive genetics.  Mav's offspring are all showing a longer bone pattern, wider rumps, high and wide escutcheons, tighter front ends, and improved legs and feet.  His kids have all turned heads at the shows we have attended. 

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