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We have had some wonderful bucks in the past, but I believe this is the best mix of bucks and genetic traits we have ever assembled.  I cannot express how great these bucks are to work with not only with the expected genetics they pass on but also the pleasing and easy going personalities they exhibit.  I spend much time researching pedigrees, appraisal scores, milk records, and looking through oodles of web pages looking for the animals that will bring in the traits we need and having the right connections in pedigrees to blend well with our present lines. 

*B Longvu Mac Spirit Guide

L1332772                DOB: 3/23/05

    S: ++*B Winterwood's The Medicine Man
            SS:    +*B Clovertop's L Don Juan
            SD:    GCH Winterwood's S-O Dreamer
    D: SGCH Fieldstone Twist of Honey 3*M  (LA 7-03 90 EEEE)
            DS:    ++*B Winterwood's D Tornado
            DD:    GCH Fieldstone Honey Bear 2*M

"Omie" is such a lovely boy.  He is long and angular with a long flat rump ang long bone pattern.  His kids all have had very high rear escutcheons and good balanced general appearance.  They exhibit Omie's sharpness, length of body and rump, and good length of bone.  Especially important, his daughters freshened with very good improvements in mammary system.  The udders we have seen all showed large area of attachment, tighter rear attachments, and increased productivity over their dams.  He presently has four permanent champion daughters: Vipassana Meditiation, Margarita, Colors of the Wind and Yellow Brick Road (owned by Rick & Diane Kelley).

Daughters in herd:  CH Longvu G Vipasanna Meditation, CH Longvu G Margarita Visions, Longvu G Cherry Sherry

Welbian Farm's SC Robin Hood

L1562280            DOB: 3/5/11

S:   Shady Lawn BB Crusader
       SS:   South-Fork BR Braveheart
       SD:  SGCH Shady Lawn Classy Belle
D:  CH Little-Rainbow JR Singing Bird
       DS:   Little-Rainbow TJO Jeronimo
       DD:  Little-Rainbow WBC Serenade

Robin is a real sweet-heart.  He is also very long bodied, tall and wide, which we hope passes on to his offspring.  Robin stands on very good legs and feet.  We are seeing a lot of improvements to width and flatness of rump in his kids and look forward to seeing some udders this coming spring.

*B Longvu Bx Intel Inside

L1562280            DOB: 3/5/11

S:   *B Brookwood Bastille's XHTML

D:  CH Longvu G Vipassana Meditation
I jumped at the chance to bring Intel back into the herd.  We had only seen a limited number of kids before he was sold as a yearling buck, but were impressed with all of them.  Intel is a very mild mannered and affectionate buck and his ease of handling and personality seemed to be reflected in his offspring.  He is very long in body and bone with a nice flat and wide rump.  He is being used a good deal this year in hopes of seeing some really fancy kids.

*B Longvu Bx Pascal

L1558305            DOB: 5/31/11

S:   *B Brookwood Bastille's XHTML

D:  SGCH Longvu FB Pretty Little Ditty
We retained Pascal in the herd following the untimely death of his sire.  The passing of Liddy at age 12 two years later strengthened the desire to further use him in the herd to reinforce the genetics of both parents.  So far, with limited use, he has yet to disappoint us.  His first daughter, Bejeweled, demonstrates many of the attributes we expected to see from his offspring.  He is being used to a greater extent this year with great anticipation.

*B Lynnhaven JBN Just One Kiss  **Spotlight Sale Buck**

L1659258            DOB: 3/16/13

S:   Kastdemur's Just Be Nice

D:  Lynnhaven KT Onceisneverenough
My steal of the 2013 Spotlight Sale.  Kiss was a last minute replacement, which slowed the bidding down
and helped me walk away with this very personable and well-mannered buckling.  Kiss is long bodied with a strong front end and very good feet and legs.  I managed to get him home in time to breed a few does for freshening in late April, so we will get a good look at his offspring this coming season.  I cannot thank Lynn Fleming enough for the opportunity to buy this fine animal and the support in helping me get him back home.  His great appeal for us in his pedigree was the double connection of strong Medicine Man genetics from his sire and Lucky*Star's F Krystal/Quixote Jo's Monet  through his Little Orchard granddam on the dam's side. 
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