Longvu LaManchas Dry Stock

We typically freshen out all kids at a year old, with few exceptions.   Each year, we try to identify 4 to 6 kids that we will retain as replacement does.  We have had some exceptional does this year, and could only keep a few of the nice ones.  These does are summarized below.

Longvu WFRH Fallen Angel

L1601762                  DOB: 5/12/12

S:   *B Welbian Farm's SC Robin Hood
D:   CH Longvu O Colors of the Wind

Angel is very correct, standing on extremely strong feet and legs.  She is clean through the front end, sharp and has a good balance of dairy and strength.  Angel comes from a long line of exceptional mammary systems, so we are anxiously looking forward to seeing her freshen.

Longvu DM Pixilated Pluot

L16017624                 DOB: 5/29/12

*B Dalton's Way TM Maverick
D:   CH Longvu Bx Kiwi Mango iFruity

Plu is a beautifully blended doe.  She is long and dairy with strong legs and feet.  This is a proven breeding, having given us Longvu DM Apple of Eden, so we are very excited over her freshening.

Longvu P Bejeweled

L1638357                 DOB: 3/10/13

*B Longvu Bx Pascal
D:   Longvu DM Dell Phinium

Flashy and sharp, Jewels was the gem of of this year's kids.  She is long bodied, sharp and diary, and stands on strong feet and legs with a very high, wide escutcheon. Jewels will be the yearling to watch.

Longvu WFRH Sherwood Forest

L1638358                 DOB: 4/19/13

*B Welbian Farms SC Robin Hood
D:   Longvu G Cherry Sherry

We had brought Robin Hood in to improve the width and strength of our lines and Sherwood certainly exhibits these improvements.  She stands squarely on very strong feet and legs and shows great depth of heart and body for her age. 

Moon Mist WFRH Rites of Spring

L1638361                 DOB: 3/10/13

*B Welbian Farms SC Robin Hood
D:   Moon Mist Bx Sansa Dance

Spring shows a good balance between her two parents.  She is smoothly blended and dairy like her dam and shows a wide flat rump and width in front from her sire. 

Moon Mist G Palm Reader

L1642574                 DOB: 4/9/13

*B Longvu Mac Spirit Guide
D:   Moon Mist BX Handheld Victrola

Yet another smoothly blended, strong and dairy kid out of Omie!  Palm is clean throughout with an excellent rear leg set, very wide and high escutcheon, and long, flat, wide rump all promising an exceptional mammary system to fill in.  She quickly became a farm and show ring favorite.

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