Longvu LaManchas Herd and Sales Info

(The dry, boring stuff and a little bit more about us...)

We have been breeding quality LaManchas since 1998.  We started with a select group of does from the Fieldstone herd and added a doe from Drucken-Hanks and Rockin-CB the following year.  Of these five foundation does, four became permanent champions with two having final appraisal scores of 90 and two of 89.

In the years since, we have bred ten permanent champions, one top ten milker, seven bucks on the Young Sire Development list, and seventeen animals having the superior genetics ranking.  Animals in our herd have accumulated 17 Best-in-Show awards and four Best-Udder-in-Show awards.

Along the way, we have also selected for personality.  Our goats respond to their names and enjoy being around people.  They are typically easy to handle in the barn and the show ring.  

We raise our goats on a strict CAE prevention program.  Births are attended and the kids removed immediately.  We feed heat-treated colostrum and pasteurized milk and introduce the kids to hay, grain, and water within their first two weeks.  All kids are handled frequently and identified by name as soon as one is selected.  We give tetanus shots at 4 and 8 weeks of age and other vitamins, minerals and medications only as needed.  Kids are usually weaned between 12 and 14 weeks.

Does are fed first or second cut alfalfa/grass mix hay.  We feed a dairy goat feed along with minerals and baking soda free choice.  All animals are monitored for feed consumption, milk production and weight gain to maintain their health.

Our herd has been tested for CAE and we have never had a positive result from any animal born in the herd.  Our does have always tested negative.  There has never been any signs of CL in the herd.  The herd has been tested several times in the past for TB and brucellosis and been negative for both.

Sales Policy:   We require a $50 deposit on any kid reserved before birth.  Our breeding page lists the current pairings of bucks to does and will list any reserves currently held on a breeding.  We strongly encourage having a second choice in case the kid you reserved is not born.  We like to ship kids between 4 and 6 weeks of age to any buyer who has a readily available milk supply.  Kids that are not shipped or picked up after 6 weeks of age will incur an additional charge for boarding unless other arrangements have been made with us beforehand.  Unclaimed kids will be sold and deposit forfeited.  As serious breeders, we do reserve the right to withdraw a kid from sale if it is not of sufficient quality or shows signs of defects.  All balances are due before shipment or delivery of any animal.

Buck kids will only be offered from does with high appraisal scores or significant genetic value.  We do not sell bucks out of first fresheners.

Every year, we freshen many more does than we are capable of retaining.  As such, several first freshening milkers and selected older does are available every year.  Any doe freshening with a poor mammary system is immediately dried off and sold for non-dairy use.  If you have an interest in obtaining a milker, please contact us early to get the best choice for you needs.

4-Hers:  Since Longvu LaManchas started as a 4-H project, we have a soft spot in our hearts for kids and families starting out in 4-H.  Many years, we have held on to a special milker (permanent grand champion or high appraising doe) specifically for any starting 4-H family.  Please feel free to contact us if you are looking to start or grow your 4-H or FFA herd and need sound foundation animals.

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